Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The More I Think About It...

People Really Suck.

I had this moment of insight while Nikki and I were at the Upscale Cocktail Party better known as Costco. We were sampling the spread, which was quite sparse at 5pm, while pretending to shop. We followed our noses to a station which had a small toaster oven and some Nestle Tollhouse pre-made mix that an older Asian lady was preparing. Nikki and I walked by, and found that there weren't any cookies left, we were lingering around the aisle, when the aforementioned moment of insight hit me. This middle aged Caucasian woman walked up to the lady who was making the cookies and said in a annoyed, judgmental voice "When Will They Be Ready?" The Asian Lady, did as I would've, and just ignored her. The other woman then decided that the Asian lady didn't speak as much English as she, so she (like we all do to those that don't speak our language) repeated herself, only louder and slower. "WHEN WILL THEY BE READY?!?!?!" The response of "about 40 minutes" was both absurd and perfect for the situation. It said in three words, that "I'm doing my job, my English is fine, and it's a FREE sample, so leave me alone." I mean, seriously, no compassion. Just Brutal.