Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh my F*****G Blog!

Ok, so I guess this is dumb. I'm starting a Blog. People prolly won't give a shit. Perhaps some totally random dude (I use this word for both genders, so don't be offended) will come across my blog one day and be like "Man, I totally get where you're coming from." Perhaps not.

So, I'm at a very interesting and exciting point in my life. I just got married. I can't even begin to describe what a blessing and a wonderful feeling this is. I know we're just scratching the tip of the ol' proverbial iceberg, but I'm totally stoked. I love this woman and she loves me, and it's wicked cool.

However, this new marriage thing is starting to teach me things about... Me. I'm complicated. I'm scattered. I'm forgetful. But, somehow, some way, the Good Lord will guide me out of this like he fixes everything else.

Here's my Blog. Enjoy.